Public Poems of the last 54 years, Compositions & Object Poems of the 70’s and 80’s, Theater-Boxes, Photo-Poems and other pecadillos 90’s to 2014,Sculpture-Poems and 3D Video-Poems to present!



The Mayor of Paris congratulates Arias-Misson on his Public URBANOGRAPHIES Poem for the City of Paris on “Nuit Blanche” 2019

Who is the Public Poem? Arias-Misson is the Public Poem. He invented it in 1967 and has produced it throughout Europe, and occasionally in the U.S.A.. It consists in introducing letters and other linguistic signs, usually the size of human beings, moving throughout a city for the public at large and in a dialogue with city institutions, monuments, material & psychic realities: writing on the city. 

Quien es el Public Poem? Arias-Misson es el Public Poem. Lo invento en el 1967 y lo ha producido a través de Europa y alguna vez en Los Estados Unidos. Consiste en introducir letras y otros signos lingüisticos a menudo tamaño humano, que se mueven a través de una ciudad para el publico de la ciudad y en un dialogo con las instituciones, monumentos, realidades materiales y psiquicas de la ciudad: una escritura sobre la ciudad.

 What is Arias-Misson? An Anglo-Belgo-Hispano-American poet who grew up in New York City, studied Classic Greek literature at Harvard University and created visual poetry in Barcelona with Joan Brossa in 1964, developing it further and performing the first Public Poems with life-time friend philosopher-poet Ignacio Gomez de Liano and others in Madrid in the sixties, then in Belgium with Paul De Vree,  later in Italy and France with Ugo Carrega, Sarenco, Jean-Francois Bory , with Carlfriedrich Claus in East Germany and many others. Karen Moller, my companion in Paris starting in 2001, was immensely helpful and supportive, materially and intellectually, of the Public Poems done since then– as well as of many of my poetic works. The classic term is– my muse!

Que es Arias-Misson? Un poeta anglo-belga-hispano-Americano quien crecio en New York City, estudio la literatura Griega Classica en Harvard University y creo la poesia visual en Espana con sus amigos Joan Brossa, desarrollándola e introduciendo su primer Public Poem con el amigo de vida,  filosofo-poeta Ignacio Gomez de Liano y otros en los anos sesenta, luego en Belgica con Paul De Vree, y en Italia y Francia con Carrega, Sarenco , Bory y otros. Karen Moller, mi compañera despues del 2001, ha apoyado con mucho entusiasmo, material- y intelectualmente los Public Poems despues de estar juntos– asi como de muchas de mis obras de poesia experimental. El termino classico es- mi Musa!

The most recent Public Poems by Arias-Misson


2021, August 28: the Public BOEM Poem, for MuHKA, the Contemporary Museum, Antwerp, sponsored by the City of Antwerp.

2021: July 25: the Public SOGNARE Poem, commissioned by the Museion and MART Museums of Bolzano and Rovereto, Italy.» (Cubierta de la revista norteamericana Performance Arts Journal numero anniversario 1 de enero 2022)

PAJ, the Performance Arts Journal, U.S.A., cover of the anniversary issue, December 2021

2019 : December 7, Public Iluminaciones Poem, commissioned by the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid.

2019 ; November: Public URBANOGRAPHIES  Poem, commissioned by the Centre Pompidou and the City of Paris, for Nuit Blanche

2019 Sept. Public TRANSCULTURALISM Poem commissioned by the Beinecke Library, Yale University

Public Poems

Public URBANOGRAPHIES Poem – Centre Pompidou 2019